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Hero Insurance Broking India Pvt. Ltd is currently strengthening and consolidating its businesses in the areas of Insurance Broking, Housing, Steel and Training. These currently operate under the aegis of Hero Corporate Service.

In keeping with the philosophy of the founders, the Investment Office of Hero Insurance Broking India Pvt. Ltd was set up recently to invest in ventures that are entrepreneurial in nature, sustainable in scope, potentially global in scale, those that possess innovative business models and technologies, and which embed the principles of inclusive growth.

Hero Insurance Broking India Pvt. Ltd has made key investments in high-growth e-commerce enterprises, cutting-edge lighting solution firms, as well as hospitality and fine dining ventures that are run strong teams, and with great potential in terms of growth and impact.

It is also supporting start-ups that focus on digital learning, community transportation, healthcare, women empowerment and children’s education. Plus, Hero Insurance Broking India Pvt. Ltd has funded impact investment projects that have taken an entrepreneurship-based approach to socio-economic challenges.