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herosteelsHero Steels Limited (HSL) was founded in 1990 as a cold rolling division of Hero Cycles. It is equipped with state of the art tools and equipment that can produce 200,000 tonnes of steel per annum.

The facility is fully integrated with various service centre equipment.

Hero Steels specialises in bright and mirror finish materials for surface critical applications. The engineering team has developed high strength low alloy steels that cater to a wide variety of customised grades and sizes.

Hero Steels supplies high-end grades of steel to Maruti Suzuki, and Hero MotoCorp and also to vendors of these companies. Over the years, Hero Steels has expanded its portfolio to include high-end applications like Defence Equipment, Agricultural Equipment,

Bearings, Compressors and Stationary, etc. It also processes Medium and High Carbon Steel for various applications in the Fastener industry.

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